Tuesday, March 08, 2011

BeerDownload Podcast

I wanted to just write a quick post about the beer podcast I have been co-hosting for the past year. We started doing the podcast in January 2010, and as of now we have put out a new episode for 59 straight weeks (if you count episode 0). The whole idea is that we are doing a 256 beer tournament, where each week we take 2 beers and drink them and decide which one is better. Eventually we will come up with the best beer out of more than 1000 that we originally started with. We also talk about local/national/international beer news and the whole thing is over in about 30 minutes.

So I invite you to head on over to the website we have setup for the podcast beerdownload.com and have a listen. And you should probably go have a beer as well.

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