Monday, August 30, 2004

death to corporate america!!!

Got a letter at work today regarding a new policy for vendors to Caterpillar and here is basically what it said.

Dear everyone who pays us money for things we buy from you,

We will now be screwing you in a new and exciting way. We will now delay our payments to you for an additional 30 days - on top of the 45-60 days that we already delay our payments. For many of you, especially those of you where we are your biggest customer, you will be screwed. You will have virtually no revenue for an entire month.

There is an upside to this new policy. If you choose our new and exciting EFT option we will pay within 10-15 days after receiving your invoice. This will be really nice for a lot of you because you will get your money quicker. Though you can only get paid within this 15 day period if you agree to discount our bill by 1.25%. Remember - If your profit margins are already low, they will be even lower.

So basically you have 2 options:
1 - Lose your revenue for an entire month.
2-Drop your profits by 1.25%

This is how it is going to be from now on. We can do this because we are a huge giant company, we don't care about the people we do business with, and everyone else is doing it so we figured we should jump on board.

For those of you that only have small contracts with us, this will probably be of benefit to you. However, those of you that do a large percentage of your business with Caterpillar, you will be screwed.

-The fucks at Caterpillar


Yet another reason to hate corporate scumbags like these guys.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

coming from the east

From Dannyman: ...I wasn’t eager to engage in a deep philosophical debate on the nature of God with a Muslim just returning from Mecca...
Along the way I passed, among others, the Iraqi Embassy. It had a barricade around it, so I walked in the street alongside it, a safe ten feet away from enemy territory. Word.
one Iraqi with one bullet in the right place at the right time [would havespared] the world of Saddam Hussein with far less pain and suffering than another war with America
in America, we have most everything we need, and we are bordered by two large oceans and two very friendly, peaceful, neighbors, and we are happy enough in our own country, that we really don’t care too much about the rest of the world, and we’re not too interested in running the bloody show, so when we find ourselves with this responsibility, we do an understandably half-assed job.

shamless promotion

Alyssa and her friend shamlessly promoting for Motorola to get free swag.

Friday, August 20, 2004

this summer is too cold

The weather report for this summer just plain sucks.

It is severely cutting into my shorts wearing days. It's august and I wore long pants for like a whole week!!!!!

No Jesus Cracker for you!!!

Stupid Catholics always making it difficult for regular people to practice religion.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

ball lickers

How many people use this phrase in their blogs/posts on forums?

"They are the ones who are the ball lickers."

up to 40 or so at least...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

olympic pics

Pictures of olympic athleats taken by Scott Goldblatt - swimmer

interesting viewpoint that you usually dont see from the standard press point of view.

high school american history

I seem to remember taking it when I was in H.S. and I thought I did fairly well.

I just had the chance to review a course outline/final exam topics/ etc packet that a friend of mine had because she is teaching the class. She explained that her students would not even understand most of the words she would be using let alone even begin to grasp the concepts because they were basically the "dumb" kids. This would basically be her first full time teaching job - though she does have experience teaching "dumb" kids before.

As I read over the topics - I debated how these kids could possibly be expected to answer these questions (and also how they even related to american history).

I decided they are all doomed to failure...

I hate chatespeak

my life <-the blog that (even though mine is 1 day old) is infinitely worse than mine.

I think I know why you failed...

wat? i reali dun know y u failed????

gimme a break


this will invariably be an outlet for my bitching, which i do a lot of...

so here is another first of many

You would think that you can tell somebody how to do something - they may not get it the first time, so you remind them again. How many times do you think you should have to remind them before they get it right?

Especially if it is something important...gravely many times?

well at least one more...

upon us?

The end of the world is certanily upon us. I can make this assurance because i have seen it first hand. (well maybe seond or third hand.) I have certainly seen it someplace - trust me.

But others have sseen it too and it can be seen everywhere and everyday if you know where to look.

The first example (with many more to come):

Red vs. Blue discuss the internet

As accurate a portrayal of the internet as I have ever seen.