Sunday, February 26, 2006 heard the other day...

T-dog: one of these days K-dog
T-dog: (work) is going to degenerate into poeple in their offices popping pills and binge drinking
all before noon
T-dog: and A-dog will be fucking one of our female employees on the conference room table, against her will.
K-dog: waving his gun around
T-dog: and i'll be all for it, because he'll have worked that out of his system...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Cubs Tickets - recap

Single game tickets for the Cubs 2006 season went on sale today at 10AM. By 1pm 6 games were sold out including the White Sox series (of course) and a majority of Cardinals games.

By 345pm there were a total of 21 games sold out including:
Cubs vs. Cardinals 4/7/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 4/8/2006,
Cubs vs. Cardinals 4/9/2006, Cubs vs. Braves 5/27/2006,
Cubs vs. Braves 5/28/2006, Cubs vs Tigers 6/17/2006,
Cubs vs. Tigers 6/18/2006, Cubs vs. White Sox 6/30/2006,
Cubs vs. White Sox 7/1/2006 , Cubs vs. White Sox 7/2/2006,
Cubs vs. Mets 7/14/2006, Cubs vs. Mets 7/15/2006
Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/27/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/28/2006,
Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/29/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/30/2006,
Cubs vs. Pirates 8/5/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 8/18/2006
Cubs vs. Cardinals 8/19/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 8/20/2006,
Cubs vs. Giants 9/2/2006

This is of course totally absurd. The only way you can get face value Cubs tickets to any decent games is to get them within the first few hours they go on sale. Even the games that I DID get tickets for were not all that great of games, nor were the seats that great, but they were night a weekend games, which will be mostly sold out by later tonight, except for single seats, and who want's to go to a baseball game by themselves?

OK - the only decent series this season is the White Sox series of course. That being said, there are several games that sold out quickly and I have no idea why:

Cubs vs Tigers 6/17/2006 and 6/18/06 - OK so they have Mags and Kenny Rogers, but that is not really enough to make a team. They finished 4th of 5 in their division with a 71-91 record. Is the fact that it is the first weekend series in June the only reason why it sold out already? plz...

Ok so pretty much all the weekend games are going to sell out on the first day for the reason that they are simply weekend cubs games, and I guess a weekend cubs game is both popular for the general public (take your kids to the game and all) and also popular with the ticket brokers - for probably the same reason.

conclusion - The situation has got ridiculous - but I still blew my wad on tickets today in spite of the ridiculousness.

UPDATE: as of 3/1/06 30 games are sold out. Almost 40% of their 81 total home games in less than a week. Old man Wrigley is rolling in his grave.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dilbert advertising...really?

This advertisment popped up when i was viewing dilbert cartoons

Considering dilbert is mostly targeted to business/computer geek type people, I have to ask a question. Is this type of advertising really the best kind to appear on dilbert's website? I mean do intelligent people really buy this shit?

Friday, February 10, 2006

fun with random AOL IM sessions

Occassionally people mistake my screename for someone they know. Apparently I am not the only one who gets these. They start to have random conversations with me. Usually I respond as if I know the person for a while until I figure out that they are random and probably are trying to talk to someone else. Then the fun begins.

Occassionally I have had streaks of random people lasting several days, a whole group of people (usually one person and their teeny bopper friends). I manage to convince one of them that I might be the person they are trying to talk to and they tell their friends.

Eventually I get tired of the charade and let them in on my joke - and sometimes after telling them flat out that I am not the person they think I am, they still don't belive me. Then the fun begins again where I really try to fuck with them in earnest. This went a little to far one time when I started saying things like "wanna cyber?", "send me naked pics" or other historically awesome internet pickup lines. Then some 14 year old girl's mom pulled my email address from my profile and threatened to call the police on me. I responded by demanding that her daughter stop IMing me, stop thinking that I was one of her BFFs even after I told her I was not, and stop emailing me before I get my friends at AOL to cancel their account. Trust me, I say, I have more friends at AOL than you. To some extent that is probably true, I am probably only 1-2 hops away from an AOL sysadmin that could easily make her account disappear.

Though not the best one by far, this is an example of a typical IM conversation with me from a random person that does not know me, comented where appropriate:

SunnyHun6910: who is this?
SunnyHun6910: ???
myscreenname: you first
SunnyHun6910: i asked u first
myscreenname: yeah well i didnt IM you first, so you can tell me who you are, then I will answer who I am. Or if not I will block you and go back to what I was doing
>>>you would think this would stop the conversation>>>
SunnyHun6910: i am betsy
myscreenname: i only know one betsy - what high school did you go to?
>>>I did know a Betsy in HS, but there was like 1 in a billion chance of this actually being her>>>
SunnyHun6910: how old r u?
myscreenname: how old are you?
SunnyHun6910: grrrrrr
SunnyHun6910: bye
myscreenname: np
>>>short for no problem - again thought the conversation would end with her giving up here>>>
SunnyHun6910: what is np?
SunnyHun6910: wait do u live in ct?
myscreenname: what is grrrrr
>>>another appropriate response I thought
SunnyHun6910: idk
>>>no idea what IDK is, perhaps 'I don't know'?>>>
myscreenname: no - but I bet you do
>>>no i dont live in CT, guessing that betsy does>>>
SunnyHun6910: ugh.... no i live in outer space duh!
SunnyHun6910: well uuh....... yea
SunnyHun6910: just tell me how old u r
myscreenname: whats with all these questions?
>>>started to get bored>>>
SunnyHun6910: otgnw'DS
SunnyHun6910: nfm
>>>random character time??>>>
myscreenname: pqrst lmnop
SunnyHun6910: jdsf jfdsjfkjfds what the ; jksafjksfjdsa;f
myscreenname: huh - you dont say
SunnyHun6910: ok u must be like old cuz u have an aparment number and everything
>>>she must have found my address somewhere, aim profile?>>>
myscreenname: how old do you have to be to have an apartment?
SunnyHun6910: over 18
myscreenname: really? i never knew that - i think i know some people that have an apartment that are under 18
>>>any pop star under the age of 18 im sure has an apartment/house/condo>>>
SunnyHun6910: just tell me how old u r
myscreenname: you first
myscreenname: and does it really matter how old i am?
SunnyHun6910: yea....
myscreenname: i dont think so
SunnyHun6910: BUH BYE FAT ASS!
>>>wait salvage the conversation, this is just starting to get fun>>>
myscreenname: do you have an apartment?
myscreenname: how do you know how much I weigh?
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

Monday, February 06, 2006

More search engine work

In my never ending quest to fix my search engine ranking, I have added more links to my page. Hopefully this cross linking will improve my place to beat out the guy who has been listed above me forever.

My thinking is that, especially with the Server Central page which is highly cross linked with a lot of hosting type search engines, that somehow the relevancy factor will get kicked up a little on my 'Matthew Arata'.

UPDATE: These changes finally worked. I succeeded in kicking off the guy who was listed above me. The simple linking on the main page probably did the trick. Making relevant things cross link back to themselves is apparently what google likes, though only if it is legit content, which all of my stuff happens to be.

The 50 beer/wing challange

After reading the post from Jason Mulgrew about his 50 beer/wing challange, basically a personal mission for him to consume 50 beers or wings within an 8 hour period, I was inspired and posed the same challenge to my friends.

They accepted. We held the challenge yesterday during the superbowl, starting at around noon and ending by the time the game ended. We had 6 contestants of which 4 finished all within the given time period.

#5 got to 32wings, 8 beers and #6 quit at 30wings 7 beers (a 7th competed remotely and got to 30 wings and 9.5 beers)

The toughest competitors in our group finished early - within 4-5 hours - sticking to the 45wings 5 beers method. Another of our group went down the wrong path with the 35 wings 15 beers. He both finished and was finished. I personally hit the 41 wings 9 beers mark and took the entire 8 hours to finish.

Anyway - here is the event recap

chicago card - snafu

I got an email from the CTA saying that there were not enough funds in my account to debit my monthly pass. How absured! I manage my company's transit benefit program and I know for a fact that this month's deposit went through just fine. So I check into the situation and realized that it started using my monthly pass money for pass back swipes, then there was not enough $$ to debit the monthly pass, so I had to update my credit card on file, then it charged me $9 and gave me my monthly pass.

So note for next time, if you go up to the quincy platform intending to take the purple line home, after the purple line stops running, and then go back down and up the other side to hit the brown line, it charges you for a pass-back...which it shouldnt...there should be like a manual switch or something on the chicago card where you can tell the station that you are the same person you were before just going the other way.

Stupid CTA and their shitty quincy el stops.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Face of Muhammed - Drawings of Muhammed

Face of Muhammed - Drawings of Muhammed - link to blog created specifically for hosting the images. However I have pasted them below incase, for some reason, the existing blog goes down. These are the images that have caused the entire muslim world to go ape-ahit.

My copies are here:

A very extensive account of all the dipications of muhammed from through out history