Friday, October 22, 2004

The best costume ever

The best costume I have seen recently is this transformer. It looks really complicates and probably does not work really well, but it would sure be fun.

This year alyssa is trying to get me to be something like Ken (aka barbie's ex). However i think the more abstract you get the better. Steve is planning on going as "Berwyn," the Chicago suburb where he grew up (as the motto goes "I wasn't born in the ghetto, it just got that way"). He plans to have a large map taped to a piece of cardboard that hangs like a sandwich board around his neck.

A good list of bad halloween costumes growing up

A shitty list of bad halloween costumes/ideas

My short list for costumes:

-Ken (ugh)
-Boggle (the game with letters on dice)
-"A Recording Artist" or "My career as a recording artist" (i.e. ashlee simpson, lindsey lohan)(costume=add oversize trucker hat to anything and add a sign calling yourself lame)
-"The street on the 1500 block of walton ave in chicago" (a bunch of garbage, mix of parking tickets, burning cars, hoodlems)

Monday, October 04, 2004

giving props

It is nice to see that Google recognized the achievement of the scaled composites group and SpaceShipOne. I enjoy how google recognizes events in their own special way. After a few seconds of googling i was even able to find a record of all of their logos (or at least the good ones).

Friday, October 01, 2004

When you just can't go for one night...

...Without shacking up with your comes the Man's Arm pillow. Too bad they didnt make the woman's chest pillow...