Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All My Love - Jeff Nominated

I wrote back in March about the last show I worked on called All My Love. At the time of that post, the show had been Jeff recommended. The Joseph Jefferson awards are the equivalent of New York's Tonys, though obviously on a much smaller scale. The way you win an award is a bit complicated but basically:

1. Judges come to see opening night. If they think some part of the show (or the whole show) is good, the show becomes "Recommended."

2. The full Jeff comittee then sees the show during the production run and decides if some part of the show (or again the whole show) is really good. If they do, then the show gets nominated in a particular category (writing, direction, tech elements, etc...).

3. There are typically 3-5 nominees in a category. Then there is an award show where the Jeff comittee decided which of the nominees is the winner.

All My Love ended up getting a nomination for "Best New Work." This basically means best script. It is an honor to be Recommended as a production and an even greater honor to be Nominated. Tony Fiorentino did not win the category, but it is still an honor for me to have worked with such a great new playwright and worked on my first Jeff Nominated show! Thanks everyone!