Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Follow up to original ideas

It would seem that at least several people liked the shirt design that I came up with. I would suspect that much of the reason they liked it was due to the good illustration, by Holly Gindlesperger The original idea is shown first The final version is second.

Customer service calling me!

Just got off the phone with American Express. Some lady calling me, the administrator of our corporate account, to ask how our "Amex Experience" is going (paraphrasing). I told her that we are getting along just fine, with one exception. As the administrator of the account I have no power to actually pay the bill. If i call and say I am me, then they refuse to let me make a payment, even though I can verify every single bit of information associated with the account or any of the cardholders. So I tell them that I will just call back and say I am one of the cardholders and then make the payment. They don't seem to care, so that I what I proceed to do. Granted I have not done this process in several months, wishing not to waste anymore of my time than is needed. I tell the lady all of this and she tells me that she shakes her head at these types of things.

Hopefully she will call me back to say she has resolved the issue...but I doubt it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Google maps, a setp backwards

Google updated their pictures of downtown Chicago sometime in the last few days. The previous versions were more than a few years old, lacking the 'improvements' to Solider Field, the area on the corner of Wacker and LSD was a golf course, Millenium Park was under major construction etc...

So now they have newer pictures, taken Fall of 2005 or so I would suspect judging from the progress on the Trump Tower site, lack of boats in the harbor, sand humps on the beaches...

Google maps used to have a pretty good view of the new condo as it was a shot from the southeast, instead of the current southwest view. You could clearly see our balcony and our whole side of the building, now...nothing. Perhaps google will come out with some kind of mapping revision thingy where you can see how places looked every few years...yeah that would be cool. (btw, original thought of the day...).

One of the biggest problems with this update is that the images are of a somewhat lower quality, perhaps taken with a different satalite than the previous pictures. Which is unfortunate because they sacrificed quality for the more up to date pictures.

Also the old apartment has lost its good southern shot favoring a more northern view. Naperville was not updated and there is still no closer images of Freeport.