Friday, February 10, 2006

fun with random AOL IM sessions

Occassionally people mistake my screename for someone they know. Apparently I am not the only one who gets these. They start to have random conversations with me. Usually I respond as if I know the person for a while until I figure out that they are random and probably are trying to talk to someone else. Then the fun begins.

Occassionally I have had streaks of random people lasting several days, a whole group of people (usually one person and their teeny bopper friends). I manage to convince one of them that I might be the person they are trying to talk to and they tell their friends.

Eventually I get tired of the charade and let them in on my joke - and sometimes after telling them flat out that I am not the person they think I am, they still don't belive me. Then the fun begins again where I really try to fuck with them in earnest. This went a little to far one time when I started saying things like "wanna cyber?", "send me naked pics" or other historically awesome internet pickup lines. Then some 14 year old girl's mom pulled my email address from my profile and threatened to call the police on me. I responded by demanding that her daughter stop IMing me, stop thinking that I was one of her BFFs even after I told her I was not, and stop emailing me before I get my friends at AOL to cancel their account. Trust me, I say, I have more friends at AOL than you. To some extent that is probably true, I am probably only 1-2 hops away from an AOL sysadmin that could easily make her account disappear.

Though not the best one by far, this is an example of a typical IM conversation with me from a random person that does not know me, comented where appropriate:

SunnyHun6910: who is this?
SunnyHun6910: ???
myscreenname: you first
SunnyHun6910: i asked u first
myscreenname: yeah well i didnt IM you first, so you can tell me who you are, then I will answer who I am. Or if not I will block you and go back to what I was doing
>>>you would think this would stop the conversation>>>
SunnyHun6910: i am betsy
myscreenname: i only know one betsy - what high school did you go to?
>>>I did know a Betsy in HS, but there was like 1 in a billion chance of this actually being her>>>
SunnyHun6910: how old r u?
myscreenname: how old are you?
SunnyHun6910: grrrrrr
SunnyHun6910: bye
myscreenname: np
>>>short for no problem - again thought the conversation would end with her giving up here>>>
SunnyHun6910: what is np?
SunnyHun6910: wait do u live in ct?
myscreenname: what is grrrrr
>>>another appropriate response I thought
SunnyHun6910: idk
>>>no idea what IDK is, perhaps 'I don't know'?>>>
myscreenname: no - but I bet you do
>>>no i dont live in CT, guessing that betsy does>>>
SunnyHun6910: ugh.... no i live in outer space duh!
SunnyHun6910: well uuh....... yea
SunnyHun6910: just tell me how old u r
myscreenname: whats with all these questions?
>>>started to get bored>>>
SunnyHun6910: otgnw'DS
SunnyHun6910: nfm
>>>random character time??>>>
myscreenname: pqrst lmnop
SunnyHun6910: jdsf jfdsjfkjfds what the ; jksafjksfjdsa;f
myscreenname: huh - you dont say
SunnyHun6910: ok u must be like old cuz u have an aparment number and everything
>>>she must have found my address somewhere, aim profile?>>>
myscreenname: how old do you have to be to have an apartment?
SunnyHun6910: over 18
myscreenname: really? i never knew that - i think i know some people that have an apartment that are under 18
>>>any pop star under the age of 18 im sure has an apartment/house/condo>>>
SunnyHun6910: just tell me how old u r
myscreenname: you first
myscreenname: and does it really matter how old i am?
SunnyHun6910: yea....
myscreenname: i dont think so
SunnyHun6910: BUH BYE FAT ASS!
>>>wait salvage the conversation, this is just starting to get fun>>>
myscreenname: do you have an apartment?
myscreenname: how do you know how much I weigh?
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

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