Monday, February 06, 2006

The 50 beer/wing challange

After reading the post from Jason Mulgrew about his 50 beer/wing challange, basically a personal mission for him to consume 50 beers or wings within an 8 hour period, I was inspired and posed the same challenge to my friends.

They accepted. We held the challenge yesterday during the superbowl, starting at around noon and ending by the time the game ended. We had 6 contestants of which 4 finished all within the given time period.

#5 got to 32wings, 8 beers and #6 quit at 30wings 7 beers (a 7th competed remotely and got to 30 wings and 9.5 beers)

The toughest competitors in our group finished early - within 4-5 hours - sticking to the 45wings 5 beers method. Another of our group went down the wrong path with the 35 wings 15 beers. He both finished and was finished. I personally hit the 41 wings 9 beers mark and took the entire 8 hours to finish.

Anyway - here is the event recap

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