Friday, February 24, 2006

Cubs Tickets - recap

Single game tickets for the Cubs 2006 season went on sale today at 10AM. By 1pm 6 games were sold out including the White Sox series (of course) and a majority of Cardinals games.

By 345pm there were a total of 21 games sold out including:
Cubs vs. Cardinals 4/7/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 4/8/2006,
Cubs vs. Cardinals 4/9/2006, Cubs vs. Braves 5/27/2006,
Cubs vs. Braves 5/28/2006, Cubs vs Tigers 6/17/2006,
Cubs vs. Tigers 6/18/2006, Cubs vs. White Sox 6/30/2006,
Cubs vs. White Sox 7/1/2006 , Cubs vs. White Sox 7/2/2006,
Cubs vs. Mets 7/14/2006, Cubs vs. Mets 7/15/2006
Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/27/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/28/2006,
Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/29/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 7/30/2006,
Cubs vs. Pirates 8/5/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 8/18/2006
Cubs vs. Cardinals 8/19/2006, Cubs vs. Cardinals 8/20/2006,
Cubs vs. Giants 9/2/2006

This is of course totally absurd. The only way you can get face value Cubs tickets to any decent games is to get them within the first few hours they go on sale. Even the games that I DID get tickets for were not all that great of games, nor were the seats that great, but they were night a weekend games, which will be mostly sold out by later tonight, except for single seats, and who want's to go to a baseball game by themselves?

OK - the only decent series this season is the White Sox series of course. That being said, there are several games that sold out quickly and I have no idea why:

Cubs vs Tigers 6/17/2006 and 6/18/06 - OK so they have Mags and Kenny Rogers, but that is not really enough to make a team. They finished 4th of 5 in their division with a 71-91 record. Is the fact that it is the first weekend series in June the only reason why it sold out already? plz...

Ok so pretty much all the weekend games are going to sell out on the first day for the reason that they are simply weekend cubs games, and I guess a weekend cubs game is both popular for the general public (take your kids to the game and all) and also popular with the ticket brokers - for probably the same reason.

conclusion - The situation has got ridiculous - but I still blew my wad on tickets today in spite of the ridiculousness.

UPDATE: as of 3/1/06 30 games are sold out. Almost 40% of their 81 total home games in less than a week. Old man Wrigley is rolling in his grave.

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Anonymous said...

i am wondering if anyone else is having the same luck as I getting cubs tickets this year. this is such BS and I am tired of all the ticket brokers getting first crack at tickets--I had 3 computers going, 3 separate waiting rooms...for hours, nothing. I get to watch as the "tickets no longer available" list grows and my dreams of paying a fair price for Cubs tickets dies once again. Time to stop supporting the ticket brokers!!!!!!!