Monday, February 06, 2006

chicago card - snafu

I got an email from the CTA saying that there were not enough funds in my account to debit my monthly pass. How absured! I manage my company's transit benefit program and I know for a fact that this month's deposit went through just fine. So I check into the situation and realized that it started using my monthly pass money for pass back swipes, then there was not enough $$ to debit the monthly pass, so I had to update my credit card on file, then it charged me $9 and gave me my monthly pass.

So note for next time, if you go up to the quincy platform intending to take the purple line home, after the purple line stops running, and then go back down and up the other side to hit the brown line, it charges you for a pass-back...which it shouldnt...there should be like a manual switch or something on the chicago card where you can tell the station that you are the same person you were before just going the other way.

Stupid CTA and their shitty quincy el stops.

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