Monday, July 21, 2008

Remembering Joe Wishnoff

Joe Wishnoff, my colleague and friend, passed away on 7/14/08 from a disease called IPF. He was very passionate about things like SEO, pagerank, inbound links, etc... So in an attempt to ensure searches for his name reach pages that are related to him, I am collecting links about him in this post.

Save JoeW - The site Joe Wishnoff started to coordinate his fundraising and chronicle his experiences.

ServerCentral Remembers Joe Wishnoff

WebHostingTalk Remembers Joe Wishnoff

Joe Wishnoff on Facebook

Joe Wishnoff on Friendster

Joe Wishnoff on LinkedIn

Joe Wishnoff, legacy guestbook memorial

Joe Wishnoff, obiturary in the Tribune

Link through Dennis' blog on an article on Joe Wishnoff, written by Teresa Geiger, Dennis also wrote several other posts about Joe on his blog.

Joe Wishnoff's Holding Company, Sion Networks

Joe Wishnoff included in the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis 3rd Quarter 2008 Newsletter

Joe Wishnoff mentioned on the Host Review blog

Thread about Joe Wishnoff on WebHostingTalk Forum

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