Thursday, July 24, 2008

Outlook Slow? Use Archiving!

I was having major problems with slowness while using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with my company exchange server. I searched for some tips on how to speed things up and found this article. The article describes several different things you can do, but the one that clearly worked was using the archiving function. This option can be found in Tools->Options->Other tab->AutoArchive. I set mine to archive anything older than 12 months. I think it takes a while to move the items, but soon enough it had duplicated all the folders and moved mail from my inbox over to a replicated inbox in the "archive" folder. It seems to be having a problem moving items from a folder I called "old work email," even though it duplicated the folder and appears to have moved "some" items.

Overall, outlook is now running MUCH faster than it was earlier this morning.

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