Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Went to the Red Ivy on 1/14 to watch some basketball/football with mooman/wife/pooters. Red Ivy is a new bar/lounge establishment on Clark st by Wrigley field. Interesting place and a different kind of take on the typical bar/pub in the area. They have decent food choices and the interior is well laid-out.

So that day the "Bacardi Girls" were there giving away free swag. I got a t-shirt and a tiny nerf football. The football went in the trash and the t-shirt will be added to my rotation. There were hardley any people in the bar at the time, and the girls obviously wanted to get rid of the swag and get out so everyone in the bar got some stuff.

Went to the same bar on 1/21 while I was killing time waiting for Poohbear to get done eating dinner. And what do ya know this time "Heineken Girls" were there giving away free Heineken swag. The t-shirt I got this time was somewhat nicer quality than the Bacardi shirt, with its embroidered logo and everything.

So - two trips to the bar and two t-shirts. Fuck shopping, i should just drink beer.

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