Sunday, January 01, 2006

benny - funky buddah - understanding

I finally figured out why Benny was always wanting us to go up to Chicago to Funky Buddah. It was because Benny is a hardcore party guy. He has partied a lot in his life and been around a lot. So one time he went up to chicago and someone took him to the Funky Buddah Lounge. It was probably the only 'club' he ever went to in Chicago, so it was there that he suggested we go, all of us in the class. Too bad we were all mostly underage at the time.

It would have been fun though, to go out and party with Benny. I psudo partied with him at his house, but he was very much under control at that time. I know he can party. I heard a story of when he went on a canoe trip with some people in Arkansas and brought along martini making supplies. MARTINIS!!! Most people just bring some beer or something in a cooler. Bought he brought martini mixing supplies...then started to ask around to see if anyone had an ice...

BENNY!!!!...i get it now....lets go party!!!

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