Friday, January 20, 2006

diversion gone wrong

Some coworkers and I went to happy hour yesterday. I stayed an for an appropriate length of time, but when the booze starts flowing it is apparently hard for others to quit. I left after 2 beers, a shot of jager and some dang qasadillas. They left a short while later, only to walk down the street to another bar, one that is apparently a little cheaper and somewhat less stuffy.

While at the bar they decide that they need to start chatting up a few girls on the other end of the bar. Problem - the girls are already getting chatted up by a guy, who just happens to be wearing a pink shirt. Not that there is anything inherantly wrong with pink shirts. It was decided that one of the group would create a 'diversion.' So the diverter goes up to the guy and says "Hey! That is an 'awesome' pink shirt!" "What?" asks the guy. Repeating "That is an awesome pink shirt!" my co-worker says. (apparently this was not the type of distraction the guys were looking for.) So within a minute or two a big meathead friend of the pink shirt guy comes over to the group. And tries to start shit - a defense was mounted but someone apparently intervened and talked the guy down.

Well I guess the diversion worked, as some of the group swooped in to the girls and started the chat up. Though apparently to no good end as everyone ended up the night drunk/tired and at home alone....or so reported to the rest.

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