Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Chrome Doesn't Work with...

I have been using Chrome for a few days now, actively, at work. Here is my review:

Thinks I like about Chrome:
-Ability to pull a tab out of the window into its own window.
-Individual tab processes

Things I don't like about Chrome: 
-The way it handles multiple logins for a single page in the "remember me" functionality. It tries to suggest the login you want to use, rather than allow me to select the login I want to use as Firefox does. 
-Chrome seems to have trouble keeping Flash from crashing. This is partially improved by the ability to kill the Flash process and have it restart without restarting the browser
-Lack of extensions/add-ons that I am use to in Firefox (especially mouse gestures and session saver)

Things I have found to be broken or simply not work correctly in Chrome.

-Amazon MP3 Dowloading Service
-Some parts of facebook (friend suggesting)

Additionally, I cannot seem to figure out how to do the following:
-Make Chrome my default browser (which enables me to click on links and have them open in Chrome, also enables me to continue to use Google Desktop Search). Though I think this has mostly to do with the messed up way my vista installation works with my default browser. It took me forever to get it properly associated with Firefox in the first place, and now I forgot how I got that to work. 

Finally, major corporations that develop products and services that only work with Internet Explorer is still a huge problem, and is certainly not solved by Chrome. I am specifically referring to companies like JP Morgan Chase, ADP, American Express and of course Microsoft. I really think that designing your product to only work on one browser is massively anti-competitive and someone needs to bring suit against large companies that do this. 

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