Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Firefox 3

I just installed Firefox 3 Beta 4 and I am certainly impressed.

When they released Firefox 2, I thought all my memory leak problems would be solved...but sadly, they were not. After installing F3B4 I noticed an immediate difference in several areas.

Overall memory usage is probably cut by 50%
Closing a tab, reduces memory usage (shocking, I know.)
Restarting Firefox is OMG fast.
General web surfing is a lot faster
Specialty programs that I use at work are a lot faster.

So congratulations Firefox team, you did well!

1 comment:

theMike said...

beta 3 was crashing so much on me that i simply had to go back to 2. i am a pretty patient guy, but i simply couldn't take it anymore.

i'll wait until the official release.