Monday, November 05, 2007

Top 10 Flash Videos/Sites

The whole idea of flash is pretty cool. You combine elements of animation, multi-track layouts, scripting language, vector objects all into an amazing multimedia design environment. The possibilities are endless really. Here I have assembled my Top 10 list of the best flash Videos/Animations/Sites I have run across so far.

#1 - Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART
A fun take on the use of the flash creation environment.

#2 - - Pretty simple animation, but another take on products on a online shopping page interacting with each other.

#3 - The guys over at Neostream are awesome. Some real talent there.

#4 - What list of flash animation would be complete without mentioning Homestarrunner, specifically the emails. The animation is pretty basic, but as a basis for cartoon animation, flash allows the animator to work more on the story.

#5 - Ok, so I only have 4 for now, but I will add more later.

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