Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fart Sandwich got Youtubed!

My friend, aka Fart Sandwich on XBox live, is currently in contention in the Lumines competition. He normally sites at 1st place in the weekly rankings, but this week they are doing a contest where 1st place gets a 42" plasma tv. As luck would have it, he is currently riding 3rd place, with 2 unbelievable scores above him. He did beat his person best last night by 4 points, but that still leaves him 15 points or so down on the current 1st place person. The whole game only lasts 60 seconds, but it is lightning fast.

Unknown to him, someone posted one of his previous 1st place games on Youtube a month or so ago. Apparently he is LEGENDARY in the Lumines circle.

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