Thursday, August 10, 2006

Liquids, gels, etc...banned on airplanes

God fucking damnit. Just when it couldn't get any worse for air travel, some fucking asstards decided to blow up water bottles filled with alcohol or something... and because of a handful of terrorist assholes, the rest of the world, the millions of people who fly every day, will have to deal with an even more unpleasant experience. Flying already what if you can get across the entire country in 6 hours...I am not willing to pay a dime more than it actually costs. Now the airlines, TSA and all the rest of the assholes inbetween are totally free to lose my luggage and I am totally fucked...totally. I can't bring toothpaste, contact solution, a bottle of water, diet pepsi, probably even spreadable cheese...all of this will probably now be banned forever!!

I refuse to believe that inconveniencing everyone in the name of security or with the goal of screening out a handful of terrorists is WRONG. I would rather drink my diet pepsi on the plane, the one that I brought with me in a bottle, instead of drinking a small can of diet coke or whatever crap they happen to have left over. If some asshole wants to blow me up, well go ahead and blow.

WE CANNOT LIVE IN FEAR!!! Why should we fear them? Why can't we just go on about our business. If we ignore them, pay no attention to them, stop fighting them on all fronts, then they will have nothing to fight against....then perhaps they will just go home.

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