Wednesday, August 25, 2004

coming from the east

From Dannyman: ...I wasn’t eager to engage in a deep philosophical debate on the nature of God with a Muslim just returning from Mecca...
Along the way I passed, among others, the Iraqi Embassy. It had a barricade around it, so I walked in the street alongside it, a safe ten feet away from enemy territory. Word.
one Iraqi with one bullet in the right place at the right time [would havespared] the world of Saddam Hussein with far less pain and suffering than another war with America
in America, we have most everything we need, and we are bordered by two large oceans and two very friendly, peaceful, neighbors, and we are happy enough in our own country, that we really don’t care too much about the rest of the world, and we’re not too interested in running the bloody show, so when we find ourselves with this responsibility, we do an understandably half-assed job.

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